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McGreals Department Store

30&31 JKL Street



McGreals Jewellers & Gift Store

Dunnes Stores Shopping Center




About Us

McGreals is over 45 years in Business est 1975. Orginally established by William Mc Greal , he had strong family run business ethos now been continued by 2nd & 3rd generations. Francis , Laz & Aislinn have worked hard to evolve the business to its current level. Searching home and abroad 

for best brands for there customers. 

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Department Store 0469731316
Jewellery Store     0469773814


Payment Form 



We currently offer deposit account service in our two stores. A easy pay option were you can pay certain amounts of your desired item either weekly or monthly.

Only when item is fully paid for it can be collected in-store.There is time-limit of 4 months.There is no additional charge for this payment option.

This is currently only a in-store service we offer. Due to both stores closed due to covid-19 regulations you now can pay off your balances by filling out online payment form or by phone.

We need certain required information for

online payments, name, phone number, book number & page number.

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