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This Elephant Oasis fountain is the perfect size: ( Size: 13.3cm(L)x13.3cm(W)x18cm(H)) so you can enjoy the calming flowing water from virtually anywhere!RELIEVE STRESS - Switch on your mystical fountain before bedtime to create a relaxing environment as you listen to its sounds of a peaceful flowing water; enjoying every trickle as it flows down a gentle brook. With a soft glow as a nightlight, your mind in transported to sleepy paradise. Also works wonders during yoga or meditationPREMIUM QUALITY - made of premium quality sturdy resin, it's lightweight and durable. Hand-carved and Crafted, Sense Aroma water features are designed with you in mind. This fountain allows you to feel the charm of nature by creating a tranquil atmosphere to soothe your stress and feel relaxed.PERFECT DECORATION GIFTS - Unique and beautiful indoor fountains can easily upgrade your home and office decor. This beautiful resin water fountain will be a visual and audible treat for your home of office environment.

Elephant Water Fountain

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