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There's a piece of furniture that has become the ultimate must-have accessory for many a millennial homeowner.

The drinks trolley is officially back in fashion, with a range of modern designs available for various budgets. 

It was a staple of middle-class homes in  the 1970s, having been popularised in the 1920s. But the once redundant piece of retro furniture has made a strong comeback as millennials embrace staying in over going out.

Let your inner retro run free with Campari, Malibu, mixers, and some swish cocktail accessories like a shaker, mixing paddles, citrus peeler - and yes, glace cherries.' 

Drinks trolleys are all about glamour - that little piece of decadence that says fun, frivolity and good times. Every home should have one.

Harriett Circles Drinks Trolley




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Outdoor rugs are ideal if you want to create the sense of an outside living area in your garden to enjoy during the summer months. They're perfect for dividing everything from larger outdoor spaces to smaller patios and even balconies into different zones in a cool and contemporary way.

Depending on the style of your garden or patio, you might want to go for an on-trend monochrome printed rug, choose an elegant neutral hue to complement your greenery, or add a much-need pop of colour to more minimal outside spaces.

We recommend setting up your outdoor rug right by your patio furniture, adding throw cushions and other garden accessories into the mix, and even stringing up solar lights or surrounding the area with chic lanterns to create a relaxing oasis. Perfect for long days spent reading in the sunshine or alfresco drinks in the evening

Santa Monica range is machine woven with incredibly durable and stain resistant polypropylene creating a weather proof and easily cleanable product. Available in a fantastic array of colours and designs the Miami range is the perfect finishing touch to any garden!