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There's a piece of furniture that has become the ultimate must-have accessory for many a millennial homeowner.

The drinks trolley is officially back in fashion, with a range of modern designs available for various budgets. 

It was a staple of middle-class homes in  the 1970s, having been popularised in the 1920s. But the once redundant piece of retro furniture has made a strong comeback as millennials embrace staying in over going out.

Let your inner retro run free with Campari, Malibu, mixers, and some swish cocktail accessories like a shaker, mixing paddles, citrus peeler - and yes, glace cherries.' 

Drinks trolleys are all about glamour - that little piece of decadence that says fun, frivolity and good times. Every home should have one.

Harriett Circles Drinks Trolley




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A sofa table is a fantastic way to optimize space and add height, as well as decorative touches, to your sofa area, and these showcased sofa table ideas hit a multitude of individual style notes. Whether you prefer stand-alone art pieces or understated utilitarian designs, a sofa table is more than just a second thought, but a completion to your interior ensemble.


This best selling deco-inspired design, with its interlocking half-moon shapes and silver metal finish, is the only flourish on these mirror-topped sofa tables, which slide neatly under your sofa or armchair. When not in use, they make lovely end tables too.

Franklin Sofa Tables S/2







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